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One of the ways to encourage baby to crawl is by letting the toddler have ample supervised time to roam on safe flat surface like a carpeted crawl mat. If the baby spends too much time in a stroller or cot, she would not have the opportunities to practice the parts of her muscle or limbs that are use for crawling. 

To begin with, be sure to give a lot of supervised tummy time and abundant room for your baby to work out on how to crawl. Trying to let baby crawl in a constraint area can be frustrating to both the baby and the caregiver. The supervised time is not just to ensure the safety of the baby but also to give the baby encouragement while helping her to crawl.

help baby crawl

Encourage your baby to crawl forward by lying  her on her tummy on the crawl mat and placing her favorite toy just out of her reach but just in her sight of view. Lie her down on her tummy on the crawl mat and lie your face next to hers. On top of that, sing and play with her while maintaining eye contact and make sure your head is at her level. That way, she will know that the world can just be as fun and exciting while on her tummy and crawling comparing to lying down or sitting up. Most important is the engagement of the caregiver with the baby. This will greatly aid in helping the baby to crawl faster and better.

Lastly, remember to set the environment to be baby crawl friendly. Ensure a good baby crawl mat is use. Also make sure floor has no protruding surface and cover all sharp corners and electrical sockets for safety purpose.

If you are looking for a recommendation of a nice mat to help baby to crawl,  there is this Tumbling Mat that is at a good pricing. Happy crawling!

Help Baby Crawl Mat

Tumbling Baby Crawl Mat


  1. For my baby, I spent a lot of time talking and encouraging her to help her crawl. Like the writer says, eye contact and her favorite toy is a must to entice her to aid in her interest to crawl.

    1. totally agree with you...the right environment with the right toys.

  2. a good read that i happen to stumble upon. keep the articles coming!

  3. every babies are different. some crawl earlier (mine was around his 6 months) and some much later.

  4. Personally, I feel that a good baby crawl mat is the most important. Comfortable and safe. Do not save money on that.

  5. I fully agreed with Jocinta as my two boys were using similar mat years ago. Letting my two boys some time on these mats will keep them mentally and physically engaged in some activities on a neat and clean area. The baby crawl mat is the first step towards a child's learning process. :D

  6. Really useful information that you have shared. Thanks !!

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